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Support SB24-130 - Noneconomic Damages Cap Medical Malpractice Actions

The future of health care in Colorado is under attack. A series of newly proposed ballot measures threaten to make health care more expensive, harder to access and less safe in our state. Instead, there’s a reasonable alternative up for consideration this legislative session. You can help by voting YES on Senate Bill 130. 

Ballot Initiatives 150, 274, 275, 276 and 277 would destroy safe spaces in medical care that promote patient safety and eliminate reasonable limits on the amount of money an individual can collect when suing a health care provider.

  • This would result in many health care specialists opting out of higher-risk procedures and patient care, charging more for these services or leaving their practices altogether.
  • The impact on Coloradans would be devastating: decreased access to care, more expensive health care and reduced health care quality and patient safety.

Senate Bill 130 is the fair and balanced alternative.

  • SB-130 would increase the limit on how much individuals can collect when they win a lawsuit to a reasonable level ($300,000 to $500,000), while still protecting health care for millions of Coloradans.
  • This positions Colorado to continue attracting and retaining talented health care providers, which preserves access to health care (including specialty care and patients who rely on Medicaid coverage) and protects patients from skyrocketing health care costs. 

Please act NOW to safeguard patient safety, quality of care, affordability and health care access in Colorado and support SB-130.