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A coalition for safeguarding health care 

We are a broad coalition of Colorado-based organizations who advocate for a stable and predictable medical liability environment by monitoring the courts, advocating at the General Assembly and engaging on relevant ballot measures.


Ensure Colorado is the best place for patients to receive medical care and for providers to deliver care.


  • Access to care for patients
  • Affordable health care costs
  • Retention and recruitment of a strong health care workforce
  • Stability and predictability for medical professionals
  • Protection for underserved communities

Our Leadership ​

With 30 years of experience in local, state and federal government affairs, issue management, communications and operational leadership and oversight, Tamra’s approach in both business and civic engagement include her ability to quickly assess situations and stakeholders; clearly define steps to meet a vision or goals; building and maintaining high-performing teams and coalitions; a successful track record in raising financial resources, and strong relationships in Colorado’s  government, business and nonprofit communities. 

Chair – Beverly Razon, COPIC

Secretary – Chet Seward, Colorado Medical Society

Treasurer – Melissa Nelson, HealthONE

Colleen Casper, Colorado Nurses Association

Dennis Chiu, The Doctors Company

Nicole Milo, Common Spirit

Katherine Mulready, Colorado Hospital Association

Molly Pereria, Colorado Dental Association

Brian Smith, University of Colorado Medical School

Chantell Taylor, UCHealth

Jack Teeter, Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains

Robert Widi, OMIC

Zach Zaslow, Children’s Hospital Colorado